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Coal Board & Mineral Mining Medicals

Digging into Health: Queensland Government requires medical examination for all mine workers

What is assessed at a Coal Board Medical?

Our on-site Examining Medical Officer (EMO) will conduct the examination and carry out the medical. Upon EMO completion, the medical will then be finalised by the Appointment Medical Assessor (AMA).

  • Medical History
  • Hearing Test
  • Auditory Canal Examination
  • Vision Test
  • Spirometry Test 
  • Abdomen Examination
  • Respiratory Questionnaire
  • Drug & Alcohol Screen
  • Urinalysis
  • Cardiovascular System Examination
  • Functional Capacity Assessment (conducted by a physio)
  • Chest x-ray (ILO Standard) reported by Lungscreen Australia
  • Skin Examination

Standard testing includes:

If additional testing is required, please let our team know at time of booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What the appointment involves?
  • 90 minute appointment with the Doctor & Nurse at Clements Medical Townsville City
  • 45 minute appointment for the Functional Capacity Assessment conducted offsite (if required)
  • If you do not have a current Chest Xray you will be required to attend a nearby radiology practice to have this completed.
What to do prior to the appointment / What do I need to bring?


  • For Coal Board Medicals - Create the employee Health Assessment profile via the Reshealth Portal to generate the Health Assessment number and complete the employer section.
  • Employer to contact employee and instruct them to complete their employee section in the online Reshealth portal. The employee will receive an email from ResHealth with instructions on how to complete this.
  • Forward all required paperwork (and Health Assessment number for CBM) to our Occupational Health Team on [email protected].


  • CBM - Complete the worker section through Reshealth prior to your appointment
  • Bring photo ID to the appointment (Passport / 18+ card / Driver’s License)
  • If glasses, contacts or hearing aids are worn, please bring them to your appointment as they will be required
  • Any medication scripts / specialist reports
  • To facilitate a quick turnaround on your results, please ensure the chest xray appointment (and any additional appointments that may be required) are completed before doctors appointment, as possible.
When do I get the results?

For Coal Board Medicals, results are automatically sent via Reshealth once the AMA has reviewed and finalised your Health Assessment.

For Mineral Mining Medicals, upon EMO completion, the results will be forwarded to the AMA by email. When sign off is conducted by the AMA, the Section 4 will then be forwarded to the worker and the Site Senior Executive. 

Tips to avoid delays include:

  • Please ensure all information has been entered correctly on the Reshealth portal
  • Ensure all required appointments are attended in a timely manner, e.g. Xray attended prior to Doctor's appointment. 
How much does it cost?

For accurate pricing, please contact the Occupational Health Hub on 07 4447 1715

Under Queensland Government legislation, employers are required to pay for the coal mine worker's health assessment. This includes referrals, tests and reasonable travel expenses for any further investigations required to complete the health assessment (e.g. CT scans, respiratory physician assessments).
Workers have the right to a second health assessment if the first assessment indicates they are unfit for a designated job. Workers are responsible for the cost of any second assessment. This does not apply for exit assessments.

Legislation & ResHealth

As of 1st April 2023, RSHQ (Resources Safety & Health Queensland) have made it mandatory that Coal Board Health assessments are completed electronically via the Reshealth portal. Mineral Mining & Quarry medicals are still conducted via paper form. 

For more information regarding Reshealth please visit or contact the Reshealth Team on [email protected] or Ph 07 3818 5420.

Clements Medical is an accredited spirometry clinic registered with the RSHQ (Resources Safety & Health Queensland).

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