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Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Management

We are pleased to introduce our new skin cancer clinic staffed by GPs with an interest in skin checks and management of skin cancer. 

We have a dedicated GP, Dr Michael Khong, who has achieved advanced qualifications in skin cancer diagnosis and management, and is accredited by the Skin Cancer College of Australasia.  His additional training and 7 years experience in assessing, diagnosing and treating skin cancers brings another therapeutic arm to our network of clinics.  

Services we provide include:

  • Comprehensive skin checks, including photographic progress monitoring if required;
  • Non surgical treatment of pre-cancerous lesions;
  • Biopsies, excisions and other surgical treatments for proven skin cancer as needed. When necessary skin flaps and/or grafts can be performed.

In line with our practice ethos of community service, we aim to provide an accessible skin check and skin cancer treatment service which is affordable, and bulk billed for pensioners and DVA card holders.

Full skin checks are recommended annually for most people especially if you have a history of prolonged or intense sun exposure.  Please also bring to our attention any change in the size, shape or texture of skin spots or if any should become painful or fail to heal over several weeks.   A family history of skin cancer does increase your risk and therefore we would encourage these people to undertake regular skin checks. 

Remember that skin checks are not restricted to older patients!

For further information, we would recommend reading the Cancer Council Qld information on their webpage click here.

Private Billing Fees

*Please note: Discount fees are for HCC, Disability and Concession card holders from Centrelink.

Appointment Type

Private Fee

Discount Fee/Health Care Card

Medicare Refund

Standard Skin Check Consultation




Long Skin Check Consultation




Fees for excisions vary with size and position of the lesion and you will be advised prior to the procedure.

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